Improper brakes on bus led to crash at mine in Inner Mongolia that kildisney wristbands reviewsled 22

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Photo taken on Feb 23, 2019 shows the accident site at a lead, zinc and silver mine under Yinman Mining Company in West Ujimqin Banner, Xilingol League, North China"s Inner Mongolia autonomous region. [Photo/Xinhua]

A mine in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region illegally refitted a bus to transport workers, which led to a severe accident last week, according to a statement issued by the Office of the Work Safety Committee of the State Council on Wednesday.

A shuttle bus carrying miners to work crashed into the side of the underground tunnel after a brake failure, killing 22 and injuring 28 in a mine of Yinman Mining Co in Xiliin Gol League.

Investigators found that Yinman Mining Co violated regulations and used an illegally modified bus to carry 50 miners, even though it had a rated capacity of 30 passengers, according to the statement.

The bus was supposed to be used for ground transport only. It also used dry disc brakes, which are forbidden underground.

The mine was found to have evaded inspection before resuming work after the Spring Festival holiday. It had announced that it would not suspend production during the holiday. However, it suspended operations on Jan 15 and resumed on Feb 13 without permission.

It should have informed the local work safety authorities in advance, and then resumed work only after an on-site inspection.

The company was responsible for the accident because of its inadequate investment in safety and weak safety management, the notice said. Local governments and some departments were also responsible for the lack of safety supervision.

The company was ordered to suspend production, and the Office of the Work Safety Committee of the State Council has scheduled a meeting with leaders of Xiliin Gol League. The government of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region will further investigate the accident, and people responsible will be punished appropriately, the notice from the committee said.

Inspections of underground ramps and buses - particularly modified vehicles using dry disc brakes - will be carried out nationwide to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. The open design of such brakes allows dirt to enter easily, which can prevent them from functioning.

Mining enterprises in all provinces and regions were urged to strengthen supervision, invest heavily in safety and improve the working environment underground.

The notice also said emergency management departments at all levels should pay attention to the resumption of work and production. Thorough safety inspections should be carried out and miners and other workers should be trained on safety.

Hidden dangers found during inspections should be eradicated immediately. Departments should also ensure that enterprises are not using outdated, illegal facilities or cooperating with unqualified partners.


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