Villagers lead newhow to make silicone bracelets life in new home after Xi"s visit

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In his new home, Liu Fuyou stands in front of a photo showing President Xi Jinping talking with him during the June tour, Sept 22, 2017. [Photo/Provided to]

September 22 was a big day for villagers in Zhaojiawa, a remote impoverished village in Kelan county of North China"s Shanxi province. Their dream of leading a new life finally came true when the whole village relocated to Guanghuiyuan New Village, a resettlement site in the county.

The seed of villagers" hope was actually planted three months ago when President Xi Jinping made an inspection tour in Shanxi.

Despite the back-breaking road all the way from the provincial capital, President Xi visited the village on June 21, where he approved the local government"s idea of improving the villagers" livelihood through relocation after examining all the details about the village and resettlement.

The measure was in synch with Xi"s war against poverty, which he termed "targeted poverty alleviation", i.e. ensuring that right measures are taken at the right time in the right way in accordance with the situation.

On September 22, the last six households moved into the new village, including the three families Xi called upon during the visit. That meant all the 115 villagers of 54 households were ready to start a new life in their new home.

"We don"t have to fire the stove to get heat in winter and the tap water is just a knob away. Our good days have finally come," Liu Fuyou shared his excitement with Shanxi Evening News. Liu was one of the villagers who were visited by Xi.

Liu never thought he would live in an apartment building.

Regardless of how hard the nut is to crack, it is the CPC"s solemn promise to lead poor people and impoverished regions to a comprehensive, well-off society, Xi has said many times.

Xi"s visit boosted the villagers" confidence for a better future.

The new resettlement site takes up over 115 acres and can accommodate 20,000 people.

"The day we moved in was specially selected. We ate fried pastry before moving as is the local custom," said Wang Sannyu, who also met with Xi in June.

From the design of the apartments to interiors, all were the idea of the staff member of the people"s congress of the county who stayed in the village. Even the bedding is new and things in the new home are more than those she got during her wedding, Wang told Shanxi Evening News.

Liu Fuyou (left) and his wife, Yang Ezi, pose for a photo in their old home before moving to their new home in the resettlement site of Kelan county in Xinzhou city, North China"s Shanxi province, Sept 22, 2017. [Photo/Provided to]

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