Jinan Unicustom silicone wristbands no minimum orderversity opens enrollment for HK students

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A view of Jinan University in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. [File photo/Sipa]

Guangzhou-based Jinan University has started enrollment of students from Hong Kong for the next academic year. The university in South China"s Guangdong province has the highest percentage of international students among Chinese universities.

Those with a form six graduation or higher academic background from Hong Kong, at the age of 30 or below, of good conduct, without a criminal record, of good health and holding proper identification documents are eligible to apply, according to the admissions brochure issued by the university on Thursday.

Hong Kong candidates are admitted through recommendation, examination or verification, with those holding an outstanding academic record entitled to a scholarship ranging from 10,000 yuan ($1,420) to 100,000 yuan.

The recommendation process has started, with the examination and verification processes scheduled in March and July next year respectively.

An overseas Chinese-oriented university, Jinan University accommodates 13,728 overseas Chinese students and international students, including 5,554 from Hong Kong.

The university plans to expand its enrollment of students from overseas to 40 percent in three years, up from the current 33 percent, Nanfang Daily reported.

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